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30+ Marijuana Strains We’ve Tried In The Last Two Months + Reviews

Hey, guys!

So, a bit of an update since Aaron and I blogged last. Approximately one month after we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, from South Dakota, Aaron got a job with Reef Dispensary. He’ll be budtending for the next 90 days until he moves on to growing — a development he’s excited about.

I, on the other hand, will continue creating delectable edible recipes for a future business venture and will keep writing (my day job). All in all, it’s been great process adjusting to Las Vegas and we’re definitely having fun.

As one might expect, considering we are involved in the marijuana industry, we’ve been smoking a lot of weed. And I mean a lot. In less than two months, we have tried more than 30 strains of cannabis (indica, hybrid and sativa). But before you judge, know that it’s for science.

Yes, every time we smoke we comment on the herb’s flavor and make notes about how it affects us from the time we toke to the time it fades away. Aaron and I both agree that the flower of cannabis is much preferred over concentrates and edibles. However, I have an appreciation for topical and cannabis-infused muscle rubs, as giving massages is a pleasure of mine.

Anyhoo, we decided it’s time to finally share the first compilation of strains we’ve tried so those who are following our journey and other cannabis enthusiasts may learn more about the best strains to try.

Here’s a breakdown of our scale:

5 — Has a powerful effect; usually knocks us out if an indica or produces heightened focus/concentration if a sativa.

4 — Has a moderate to powerful effect; doesn’t last as long as a 5 but produces a good experience.

3 — Has perks, but overall is a pretty average strain. Good for beginners.

2 — Subtle effects; usually have to smoke a lot to feel an effect.

1 — Poor to little effect; doesn’t do much.

5 Star Strains:

Dark Knight (4.7) — Very powerful and balanced effect

Bruce Banner (4.7) — One of Mandy and Aaron’s favorites.

White Walker (4.7) — A powerful strain that is great to toke before watching Game of Thrones

Jupiter OG (4.7) — A strain that will KNOCK you out (good for meditation/sleep)

GOO (4.7) — Great sleep aid (prepare to be knocked out)

Khalifa Kush (4.7) — Very strong and good flavor

Face on Fire (4.6) — Will hit you in the face, as promised

Dr. Who (4.6) — Powerful effect and very expansive. Great for meditation.

Black Jack (4.6)

Space Monkey (4.6) — Aaron loved this one; good flavor, quick onset and long-lasting

Bubba Kush (4.6)

Gorilla Glue #4 (4.5) — Standard yet powerful strain

Loud Dream (4.5) — Subtle in the background yet very peaceful; good for insomnia

Superman (4.5) — Strong effect and long-lasting

NYC Diesel (4.5) — Focused and long-lasting effect

King Louiss XIII [Vape Cartridge] (4.7)

4 Star Strains:

Sugar Tits (4.4) — A fun strain that embodies Las Vegas

Platinum Cookies (4.3)

Candyland (4.2) — Very uplifting and happy

Do-Si-Do (4.2) — Pretty standard strain; functional high

High Roller OG (4.2) — Quick onset, effects don’t last too long, however.

3 Star Strains:

Mango — Had a very mild effect.

Grateful Breath

Mendo Breath

Frosted Cherry Cookies

Lemon Haze/GirlScout Cookies [Vape Cartridge] (3.4)

2 Star Strains:

Smores — Good flavor, didn’t do much.

Maui Wowie — Mild effect. NOT GOOD FOR EDIBLES (gave Aaron and I hangover headaches)

Chocolate Diesel

SFV OG (2.5)

Silver Bullet [Vape Cartridge] (2.5)

1 Star Strains:

Cheesecake — We loved the flavor, but it produced little to no effect.

And there you go! We’ll probably share a list like this every month or two, so keep an eye out if you’re eager to try new strains we’d recommend.

Aaron and Mandy

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