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Rolling Blunts with Rose Petals is the Latest — and Coolest— Cannabis Trend

By Amanda Froelich/Truth Theory

As the populace becomes more educated on the benefits of using cannabis as a medicine and recreational drug (over other stimulants and depressants), the stigma surrounding its use is lessening. As a result, cannabis enthusiasts are becoming more creative and inventing new ways to smoke the herb.

One of the coolest — and “greenest” — methods we’ve come across entails using rose petals. Yes, we said rose petals. The unique method was recently posted by @simple_sasha, and to say it has gone viral is an understatement.

As soon as the initial excitement calmed down, Sasha explained that organic rose petals are preferred as conventional varieties are sprayed with pesticides. And while inhaling any smoke isn’t the healthiest, the organic rose petals are better than processed tobacco leaves which are full of chemical additives. Most blunts on the market are rolled in this fashion.

In the following Twitter tutorial, Sasha shows how you can use an oven and three organic rose petals to create an impromptu wrap for a blunt. The invention is functional and floral, and people can’t get enough of it.

After constructing the two-minute creation, Sasha comments that its properties are “very floral, really good.” This DIY trend has inspired thousands of people to make their own and upload them to the internet.

Marijuana is an herb that offers immense medicinal benefits. Components of the plant, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) have been proven to benefit a list of conditions, including seizures, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

The herb is also safer than alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, and even coffee. In our Earth’s history, 0 people have died from an overdose. For this reason, activists are campaigning for it to be decriminalized.

While it is not for everyone, cannabis has unique properties which deserve to be available for those who desire — and need — to use it. If you agree, please share this article and comment your thoughts below.

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