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Day 3 of Supplementing With Rick Simpson Oil [Journal #1]

Hi, folks.

Three days ago, Aaron and I (Mandy) began supplementing with Rick Simpson oil. As a natural healer (read more here), I am fascinated by alternative therapies and the idea of working with the body — rather than against it. So, naturally, as we are in Las Vegas where all components of the cannabis plant (THC, THCA, CBD) are legal, we decided to try it.

About Rick Simpson Oil

If you haven’t heard about Rick Simpson oil, it’s kind of a big deal. Zamnesia reports,

“It was in 1997 when Simpson had an accident. He was working as an engineer in a hospital, and was covering asbestos on the hospital’s boiler pipes with duct tape. He was using a potent aerosol glue to do so, which in poorly ventilated rooms can cause a temporary nervous system shock when breathed in. Unfortunately for Rick, this is exactly what happened.

The fumes he breathed him made him pass out, falling off his ladder and striking his head. Upon waking, Rick found himself in the position he had fallen in, and had to slowly make his way back to his office to try and get help. Eventually, one of his colleagues found him in his vulnerable state, and quickly took him to the emergency room.

“It felt like my head was going to explode”, Rick Said. “I remember it looked like people were moving funny – they were kind of jerky. I told the doctor, and he just kind of shook his head.”

After a few hours the worst of the dizziness went away and Rick was sent home. A few days later he was back at work, but still feeling ill. As he worked he suddenly got a rapid onset of dizziness again, and a ringing in his ears. He went back to the emergency room where a nurse took his blood pressure and was alarmed by what she found. Rick was given medication and doctors were immediately called for. Unfortunately for Rick once again, the ringing never went away.

Rick described the ringing as like having a lawnmower in the room with you all the time. It was driving him crazy, and no medication given seemed to help. In fact, his medication was effecting him very negatively – pretty much turning him into the walking dead.

After seeing a documentary on the promising qualities of cannabis, Rick asked his doctor if he could try it, only to be denied. He took matters into his own hands, sourcing it himself. He found it was revolutionary, and improved his situation more than anything he had previously tried. He told his doctor, who still refused to take that path. He was told oil would be the most medicinal way to take it if he insisted on taking it, but he would not grant him legal access. Soon after, the doctors told him they had exhausted all avenues of treatment, and that he was now on his own.

Being abandoned, Rick gave up prescription drugs altogether and moved exclusively onto cannabis oil, which he made himself. He did not know how much confidence to hold in the cannabis, but after a few months the tinnitus had reduced to a manageable level, his pain had greatly reduced and his blood pressure was normal – exceeding his wildest expectations.”

Now, Rick is devoted to helping others heal themselves with his potent version of cannabis oil.

How does Rick Simpson oil differ from CBD oil?

Both oils are made from the same plant: cannabis, or hemp. From a botanical perspective, cannabis and hemp belong to the same plant: cannabis. Geographic factors and breeding have resulted in different species and strains, which produce a different harvest.

Hemp produces few and small flowers with low cannabinoid (CBD) content; hemp produces high amounts of fiber which are used in industrial applications. Cannabis, on the other hand, produces big and potent cannabinoid-laden flowers, with only small amounts of fiber.

The Rick Simpson oil is nearly always made from Cannabis indica strains, which have been shown to be more effective for physical ailments. Sativa strains are used for mental illness.

Another Difference

The CBD oil you can buy in all 50 states differs from Rick Simpson oil, which is only legal in states where marijuana is available for recreational use. This is because Rick Simpson oil contains the full spectrum plant extract of potent cannabis. It has a 1:1 ratio of THC ( the component that gets you “high”) and CBD (healing cannabinoids).

CBD oil you can buy in all 50 states — such as the products Sisters of the Valley sells — are very high in CBD (at least 10%) and less than 1% THC. From my understanding, Rick Simpson includes THC in his oil as research has shown THC shows promising potential for many conditions and works in unison with CBD.

This is also why Rylie — a girl who suffered from a disfiguring tumor — used all three (THC, THCA, and CBD) to heal her life-threatening condition.

Our Experience — Day 3:

So, now that you understand what Rick Simpson oil is, here is our experience thus far.

Knowing this combination is extremely medicinal and having heard hundreds of anecdotes from people who “cured” their psoriasis, reversed tumors, remedied their diabetes, healed wounds much faster, etc… I wanted to give it a try.

This, of course, meant experimenting with Aaron, as we are like two peas in a pod. If one of us does something new, the other is usually always down to experiment, as well. (I love that so much).

Plus, Aaron has suffered from chronic pain for years, thanks to his background as a parkour competitor. Once, he fell 3 stories to the ground. His shoulder regularly dislocates. In addition, he has experienced a reduced appetite since we moved to Las Vegas (he blames it on the heat). Perhaps it is from stress, but he also experiences headaches more regularly.

Now, as similar as Aaron and I are, we are also very different. I’m a vegan fanatic who tries to exercise regularly, meditate and get into fresh air (the last one we accomplish a lot, as we go hiking nearly every weekend).

However, I never got my wisdom teeth out. And this last week, the pain has been close to excruciating. The gums are receding and I know it’s time to get them removed, but I am a stubborn individual who prefers to do things that will occupy my time for at least two days only when they are necessary. (This is probably necessary, but give it a week or two)

So my complaints? Pain, headache (from the pain), and the hope of healing my digestion for clearer skin.

Clarification on skin: my skin is much better than it used to be. When I was 11, I got my first pimple. And ALL through high school, I suffered from chronic, cystic acne. (UGH)

Not only did this take a toll on my self-esteem, it eventually led me to develop eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binging/purging, body dysmorphia and over-exercising). This is how I got into healthy eating/living in the first place. I had to form a better relationship with myself.

And through diet and lifestyle changes, my skin did improve. But it’s still not where I want it to be today, so experimenting with Rick Simpson oil is part of my regime. I am also sticking to a low-fat, high-carb, vegan diet (lots of fruit, some salads, smoothies, and tea), which is a VERY healing, detoxifying diet. I feel like my body craves it at the moment.

Day 3 — Our Experience:

If you’re still with me, good for you! Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, as my ultimate hope is that our documented experience helps other people.

It is now day 3, and Aaron and I recollected on our experiences.

Aaron’s Experience:

When we sat down and talked this morning, Aaron said that his appetite has returned, his pain has been substantially reduced, and his headaches are gone. That’s all pretty major for him.

The oil does not get him stoned, as he has a high tolerance.

Mandy’s Experience:

It’s been interesting, I’ll be honest. Supplementing with the Rick Simpson oil requires only a rice-sized droplet of the oil. And that’s enough to get me halfway between sober and high — the latter I don’t appreciate very much during the day, as that is when I get most of my writing work done.

Nonetheless, I’ve noticed a SUBSTANTIAL reduction of pain — particularly in my mouth, and I can feel my body detoxing (diet deserves at least partial credit). I’m also feeling calmer (balanced hormones) and my skin is looking way better. TMI: But it was really easy cleaning my pores last night.

I’m sleeping very well, have standard levels of energy, and am having heightened spiritual experiences (but that is common with marijuana and me).


All in all, we are happy with the results thus far and are excited to see what happens with 30, 60 and 90 days of supplementing. Perhaps we’ll continue supplementing forever! I don’t know, but we’ll see.

Thanks for reading. Please comment your thoughts below!

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