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First Pot Drive-Thru in the United States Opens in Las Vegas, Nevada

By Amanda Froelich / EWAO

Yep, you read the title correctly. America officially has its first pot drive-thru, and it’s located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The NuWu Cannabis Marketplace — which is now the largest marijuana dispensary in the world— is located on La Vegas Paiute tribal lands, near downtown Las Vegas. Shortly after opening its doors on October 16, 2017, the dispensary added a drive-thru window to accommodate more customers.

The megastore is located near Main Street and Washington Avenue. When customers choose the “drive-thru” option, they are directed to an area on the side of the building. A converted, $30,000 bank vault window is now outfitted with bulletproof glass and sees about 60 customers by 3 p.m., says Kevin Clock, a representative of the tribal investing partner Cascade Strategic Investments.

According to Clock, the idea behind the drive-thru window wasn’t about getting as many customers through the cash register, it’s about accommodating the elderly, the disabled, and those who are in a hurry. “The customers were asking for it,” Clock said.

Credit: The Freedom Watch

Reportedly, several of the older or disabled tribe members asked for the drive-thru window, as getting out of the car and waiting line took at least 15 minutes. There are two ways to take advantage of the drive-thru window: visit and choose from a limited menu of popular items, or order online and choose from the full 700-item menu, then pick it up at the window. The store has an ambitious goal of processing transactions in 60 to 90 seconds.

As is the case with all recreational marijuana shops, there are strict rules for the drive-thru. For instance, each person in the car must be 21, and all will have their IDs checked. However, even stipulations such as this one make the process a relatively smooth one.

Clock says the community should be very proud of the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace because its proximity to downtown and Fremont Street ensures more money stays in the local area. It’s also an economic boon for the Paiute tribe. “The money stays here. It stays in the community, all of the profit,” he said. “It’s something I think the community should be very proud of.”

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is huge. With roughly 16,000 square feet of retail space, it dwarfs the other dispensaries in the area. Approximately 105 people are employed by the store, and about 10 percent of the staff are Paiute tribe members or relatives.

Credit: NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

It took 18 months for the Paiute tribe to get a license to sell marijuana, but the persistence clearly paid off. Already, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is making a name for itself. 

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Source: Review Journal

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