About Mandy

Welcome! My name is Amanda Froelich (you can call me Mandy), and it is an honor to connect with you. To begin with, I’ll give you a little bit of a background on who I am…

I was born and raised in South Dakota, USA, and for about 3 1/2 years, lived and worked abroad as a chef in holistic healing centers. This took place after I worked at the Pomegranate Cafe (a vegetarian/vegan restaurant) in Phoenix, Arizona, for about a year and a half.

While I was overseas, in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, and Kenya, Africa, I learned a lot about holistic healing and cooking for people on healing journeys. After moving back to the U.S. to attend college, I met a great guy named Aaron. Together, we discovered a mutual appreciation for cannabis – both recreational and medicinal.

For the past 5+ years, I’ve also worked as a journalist – covering everything from environmental activism and animal cruelty to politics and scientific innovations – in addition to being a chef. As an enthusiast of naturopathic medicine and holistic healing modalities, I can’t help but continue to study reflexology, reiki, massage, holistic nutrition, psychology, midwifery and other areas of interest. Fortunately, I’m able to merge everything I love together – which is what I do on my blog/with my business Bloom for Life. (I share regular healthy tips and whole food recipes over there)

Having discovered an appreciation for marijuana, Aaron and I decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, where cannabis becomes legal on July 1, 2017. There, we will begin cultivating the plant. Later on, I will be partnering with a wonderful lady to create a healing cafe that features drinks and treats that are infused with either THC dominant (gets you high) or CBD dominant (helps you heal) components of the cannabis plant. It will be epic.

For now, I will continue to blog about cannabis creations that are made with whole food, natural ingredients and are suitable for all to ingest. Additionally, I will continue writing about the benefits of cannabis so it may eventually be legalized.

As a cannabis journalist, I am always interested in visiting new expos, receiving and writing about new projects, or interviewing activists in the marijuana field. If you are interested in any of these collaborations, contact me here.

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