My Stoned Kitchen was inspired one day when Mandy and Aaron were puffing on a joint and brainstorming on all the wonderful edible creations that should be sold in dispensary stores but, sadly, aren’t.

In fact, the majority of what one will find when they visit a fabulous dispensary is yummy food laced with ingredients such as Yellow #5 and Red #40 – not to mention potentially allergenic ingredients like artificial sweeteners and wheat (don’t even start on the gluten discussion…).

Because the duo is planning on launching their own cannabis farm and dispensary line in the future, founding My Stoned Kitchen just seemed like the next logical step. This is because components in the herb (mainly THC and CBD) have medicinal properties that, depending on how they’re used, can benefit symptoms such as cancer, seizures, anxiety and depression. The issue is, it’s still widely stigmatized only a handful of states have legalized it for recreational use.

My Stoned Kitchen seeks to educate consumers about the benefits of cannabis and how to utilize it at home, with wholesome, natural ingredients. From scones to chocolates to heartier meals laced with weed, there’s a lot one can do with the herb.

A cannabis-infused scone.

So, smoke a bowl and start scrolling through the website. We’re quite sure you won’t be disappointed and will definitely want to learn more.

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