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Day 3 of Supplementing With Rick Simpson Oil [Journal #1]

Hi, folks. Three days ago, Aaron and I (Mandy) began supplementing with Rick Simpson oil. As a natural healer (read more here), I am fascinated by alternative therapies and the idea of working with the body — rather than against it. So, naturally, as we are in Las Vegas where all components of the cannabis plant (THC, THCA, CBD) are legal, we decided to try it. About Rick Simpson Oil…

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Infused Vanilla-Chai Cake w/ Buttercream Frosting [Vegan]

Yum, diddly-dee-dum. This is a cake recipe you need to bookmark because it is 1) healthy(ish), 2) easy to make and 3) infused with cannabis so — duh, it’s grand. Plus, doesn’t it look beautiful?  The inspiration for this infused cake recipe was obtained from Veggie and the Beast Feast. I slightly altered some of the ingredients but overall, it’s pretty similar (despite containing marijuana). For this cake, I used very potent…

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Infused Chocolate-Espresso Cheesecake {Raw, Vegan}

Hey, lovelies. If you’re ready to try the most delicious infused creation ever, look no further. This chocolate-espresso (raw and vegan) cheesecake is easy to make and tastes delicious. Best of all, the flavorful combination of chocolate and espresso easily covers up the taste of marijuana — meaning yourself and those you serve it to will looooove it. This recipe was originally posted to my healthy blog Bloom for Life. When a friend recently visited,…

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Rolling Blunts with Rose Petals is the Latest — and Coolest— Cannabis Trend

By Amanda Froelich/Truth Theory As the populace becomes more educated on the benefits of using cannabis as a medicine and recreational drug (over other stimulants and depressants), the stigma surrounding its use is lessening. As a result, cannabis enthusiasts are becoming more creative and inventing new ways to smoke the herb. One of the coolest — and “greenest” — methods we’ve come across entails using rose petals. Yes, we said…

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Decarboxylation/ How To

How To Decarboxylate Your Weed Before Making CannaButter (or CannaCoconut Oil)

Hey there, My Stoned Kitchen followers! Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of decarboxylating your herb, as it is an essential step when making your own canna-butter, canna-ghee (yes, it’s a thing and it’s amazing), or canna-coconut oil (coconut oil benefits everything — didn’t you hear)? Then, the next post we will focus on making incredibly potent canna-ghee. I’m not joking when I say the dosage is…

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Marijuana Compounds Could Eventually Replace Anti-Anxiety Meds — Here’s Why

By Amanda Froelich via Truth Theory Few people are aware they suffer from anxiety until they have a full-on breakdown. They feel their chest constrict, their vision narrows, thoughts race through their head and suddenly, it feels as if the weight of the world sitting on their shoulders, pressing them into the ground. When one of these panic attacks occurs, life stands still. And after recovering, all an individual can think…

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Healthy Lime-Blueberry Scones w/ Glaze [Infused]

Hey, there! Thanks for visiting My Stoned Kitchen and for your interest in healthy infused creations. If you’re new to the blog, click here for a brief overview explaining what it is, who runs it, etc… Now, let’s get down to the goodies. Recently, I was struck with some massive inspiration. Perhaps this is because I recently got a job working with Aaron (my boyfriend) at Reef Dispensaries in Las…

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Blog/ Cannabis Baking/ Dessert/ How To/ Recipes

Best Paleo Pot Brownies [Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free]

Hey, lovelies. Mandy here. So, a few days ago I received a message from a woman I went to high school with. She knows I’m into healthy cooking but only recently learned Aaron and I are a bit infatuated with marijuana. Her request? Figure out a healthy pot brownie recipe she could make for her friend. While I’m still developing a vegan pot brownie recipe (I need to make more…

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30+ Marijuana Strains We’ve Tried In The Last Two Months + Reviews

Hey, guys! So, a bit of an update since Aaron and I blogged last. Approximately one month after we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, from South Dakota, Aaron got a job with Reef Dispensary. He’ll be budtending for the next 90 days until he moves on to growing — a development he’s excited about. I, on the other hand, will continue creating delectable edible recipes for a future business venture…

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How To: Make Basic Cannabutter In 7 Easy Steps

Well hey there, friend. Are you looking to make some cannabis-infused butter for delicious edible creations? Look no further. As a budding cannabis chef, I’ve learned the hard way that there is a definite way to make cannabutter. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult if you’re willing to put in the work. First of all, it is pertinent to note that cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug in the…

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