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5 Benefits of Juicing Cannabis You Probably Didn’t Know About

Did you know? In addition to providing valuable medicinal and stress-relieving benefits when ingested and smoked, the marijuana plant can be used for everything from making clothing and fireproof construction materials to paper, biofuel, and plastic that decomposes in a timely manner. There’s one application of cannabis few know about or use, however, and that’s juicing the green leaves. The notion might sound weird or gross at first, but we…

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Pumpkin Spiced Scones w/ Toasted Pecans & Maple Glaze

Vegan, cannabis-infused scones that will totally rock your world. Okay, guys. Here it is: the official FIRST cannabis-infused recipe for My Stoned Kitchen. Freaking enjoy, as these scones aren’t only made from wholesome, plant-based ingredients, they’re infused with cannabis. If you’re new to canna-cooking, learn how to make your own cannabis-infused coconut oil HERE. That recipe yields one cup of coconut oil using an eighth of weed, so 1/3 cup…

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